what is LTL Shipping


When it comes to getting items from one point to another, there are many shipping options. One important option to remember is less than load freight. Known more commonly as LTL within the industry, this mode of transportation ships goods that do not take up a full truckload. In other words, LTL freight takes up only a portion of the overall load. This is contrasted with a full truckload, in which the entire truck is dedicated to a single shipment. In order to understand the possibilities of LTL trucking, here is what you need to know.


LTL Shipping Is About Size

LTL trucking is determined by the size of the shipment. All trucks have a certain amount of space to transport goods. With LTL freight, your shipment only occupies a portion of that space. In trucking, shipments are most often measured in weight. In general, LTL shipping is used when the freight weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds. Obviously, this is still a very wide range. This means that LTL shipping is widely accessible for many companies with many shipping needs. While weight is often the most important factor in shipping by truck, other size dimensions will also be considered to see if your shipment is eligible for LTL freight.


LTL Shipping Is About Cost

While LTL trucking is often defined by size, it is preferred for cost reasons. In many cases, LTL freight is known to be a more affordable option. Clients that ship via LTL freight will only pay for a portion of the truck trailer. Therefore, the trucking company receives payment from all the clients that have space on the truck. Because of this, clients often can reduce their shipping costs. Instead of having to pay for a full truck, clients are only paying for a portion. In essence, this allows clients to pay only for what they need. Alternatively, it allows shipping companies to maximize payment from as many clients as possible. In other words, it is often a win-win situation.


LTL Shipping Is About Security

Some people are concerned about security issues with LTL freight. After all, it seems less secure to share a truck with other clients. However, in general, LTL freight is actually quite safe for goods. This is especially true for smaller shipments that might otherwise be transported with smaller handling units. In LTL freight, you get to use entire pallets. These pallets are secure within the truck bed, and they are kept separate from other pallets on the truck. This keeps your items safe in transit and reduces the likelihood of a mix up upon delivery.


LTL Shipping Is About Customization

The best thing about using LTL freight is its versatility. It is very easy to customize your shipments via LTL freight. You can request handling for very specific items. This includes fragile items, perishable items, and even hazardous items. Moreover, you can further tailor the shipment to your needs with additional service options. You can upgrade the LTL experience with access to liftgates. You can even specify inside pickup and delivery. Most LTL carriers provide advanced tracking capabilities. This means you can actively track your shipment through various shipping measures. There are also ways to expedite the shipping process, ensuring that you can get your shipment whenever you need it.

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