What is the safest way to ship a car?

Looking for the safest way to ship a car?
The safest way to transport a car from one state to another is the enclosed car carrier. This means your vehicle would be fully encased within a trailer surrounded by 4 walls and a roof. Most enclosed auto transporters are equipped with a lift gate and some even have temperature control to maintain the perfect environment during shipping.
The safety offered by enclosed auto transport trucks is the best the industry can provide.
This type of shipping service is perfect for classic, collectible, exotic and high end luxury vehicles that can Not risk any elements of the road during transport.


How much does enclosed auto transport cost?
Choosing the safest car shipping option, the enclosed carrier to ship a car to another state would cost anywhere from $300-800 in addition to the average cost to transport a car by open car hauler. The extra cost is due to the type of service provided. With the extra protection and safety a closed car transporter provides, the space available to move vehicles is slightly limited. This means enclosed car hauler services can only transport few cars at a time. This can also be a factor is the increased price. There are many different variables a car shipping company analyzes when generating a price to transport a vehicle.


Is insurance protection including with enclosed car shipping?
Yes it is. Even with the added safety of walls surrounding the vehicle completely covered as it travels down the highways, full insurance must be provided by the car carrier as it is a requirement by law. Vehicle inspections must be performed at both pickup and delivery noting the automobiles condition. If any damages occur during transport, the invoices are the way to prove it. Documentation will be needed as proof that something happened.
The safe feeling you will have watching your beloved car loaded into a closed car transport trailer will keep you at ease till delivery knowing no matter what, you automobile is fully insured. Be sure to ask your car shipping service provider to send you a copy of the insurance policy prior to loading your car. This can be easily sent to your email on request.

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