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What it takes to deal with assholes in shipping

Yes, this is a shocker to post, but rude people are going to be rude. This one “Jeff Herba” is one of those ignorant shippers that seems to think the world revolves around them.

July 30th, Jeff Herba created a free account on Motherload to post this vehicle:

Master Code Pickup Destination
4190325678 82 Cape Road, Mendon, MA, USA
Auction Site
4109 Cobia Court, Palmetto, FL, USA
Residence / Home Business

Jeff Herba Asshole

Jeff Herba was quick to slam Motherload online even though we promoted exactly the process of how Motherload operates and we will assume that it was not built to his liking.

Jeff posted the truck you see in the image and received a rate direct from a transporter which is our exact business model. Motherload does not dictate rates now do we control shipping bids.

Jeff Herba received a bid that was higher than he wanted and sent us an email with one word “Crooks” to which we replied “I am assuming you are calling the transporter who bid a crook? If you do not like their bid, it can be declined. If you are stating otherwise, please let me know. I await your reply.

Jeff Herba rapidly responded with “Yeah, I’m actually removing this ad as I just got it picked up 1 hour ago. $700 vs this crooks bid of thousands more! Never again!” which we firmly believe he is lying again like he did on Facebook.

Jeff Herba then fired off another email within seconds “I see nowhere to delete the ad so DELETE it your website blows as do the prices.  DELETE MY SHIPMENT AND ACCOUNT!

Our reply was appropriate with the this reply “The app has already won awards and we have no control what a carrier bids. I already blocked you. You are still not welcome with your poor attitude. Your emails are blocked as well.

Jeff Herba’s reply before we blocked him “Thank you for getting me off you god awful site. I no longer have to waste time to receive prices triple actual going rates. Sorry guys you suck.

Now this is not to show what a tool Jeff Herba is, but to highlight ignorance of not knowing what to expect when you connect shippers direct with transporters.

Motherload is an app, we connect shippers and transporters direct without middlemen. That being said, we do not dictate any rates you receive directly from transporters and if you receive a bid too high, the last thing you want to do is blame the app. This aggression and plain out rudeness was not needed and extremely misdirected.

If you receive a bad rate, what should you do?

First off, if you do not want to communicate with the transporter, you can decline the bid. We suggest not emailing the app owner swearing, calling them names and lying.

We recommend you contacting the transporter and informing their rate is too high and that you will either decline their bid or ignore it. Opening a line of communication is imperative to ensure a happy transaction. At Motherload, we encourage communication between shipper and transporter.

Bottom line, learn from the mistakes by Jeff Herba (941) 201-2485