Setting Up Your Account

How do I register my company?

NOTE: Typing addresses are predictive. Start typing address to see drop down of location when creating account

You can register as a transporter in just a few easy steps.

  1. On the home page of the Motherload website, click the “Become a Driver” link in the top menu.
  2. Enter your Company Information (name, address, email, and company information), select a secure password.
    1. Secure passwords are required to have the below information
      1. Be more than 6 characters long
      2. Contain at least one Uppercase letter
      3. Contain at least one Lower case letter
      4. Contain at least one numeric value
      5. Contain at least one special character
  1. If you have your authority packet, you can upload on this page as well. This login information is subject to our privacy policy.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Our system will confirm the phone# and/or email address are not in use currently.
  4. You will receive an OTP (One Time Password) to confirm your contact information and log your enrollment with your IP and confirmation.

And that’s it! Our staff will verify your operating authority and once confirmed, you will receive an email to confirm the registration. You may be placed in one of three categories: Vetted Pro, Broker or Independent

Vetted Pro: Any transporter who has active authority and insurance will be in this group

Broker: Any freight broker, freight forwarder or agent of a 3rd party will be in this group

Independent: Any hotshot, Non-CDL driver will be in this group

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.

Account Settings

The Account side menu lets you update your profile, contact Motherload support team as well as view your feedback score

Motherload dashboard for transporter

Profile Settings

You can update your profile by selecting profile on the sidebar menu

motherload profile settings for transporters


Your listed email and mobile # that you verified when creating your account will be use to receive notifications from Motherload and Shippers in reference to your bids.

You may see one or all of these email or sms messages while using this marketplace:

  • Shipment bid sent
  • Shipment Accepted
  • Updated Bid
  • Shipment tracking
  • Shipment status


Navigating Motherload

Navigating Motherload App

Motherload has created a flow for transporters to easily and quickly find loads.

You have the ability to list search or map search. Our marketplace defaults to a list search.

navigating Motherload app

You can also select map view to find loads along your route by selecting the map icon

navigating Motherload app2

navigating Motherload app3

Dashboard Load Navigation

From your dashboard, you will see the below top menu. There are 4 selections based on your status and loads you have bid or won.

AVAILABLE: Loads that are awaiting bids or auto transport rates accepted automatically by shippers

MY: Loads you have been awarded or vehicle shipments available with approved rates by shipper(s)

COMPLETED: Loads you have delivered and marked as delivered

REJECTED: Loads you have bid on but the amount was rejected by the shipper. You have the ability to rebid on any load that has not expired

navigating Motherload app.4


As you start booking loads on our marketplace, you will receive feedback from your shippers. You can review your current feedback here:

navigating Motherload app.5

Communicating with shippers

Any question you ask a shipper will be public for other transporters to view.

NOTE: Once you bid, any future communication with the shipper will be private.

You will select a shipment you are interested in bidding on and select ask a question button at the bottom of the shipment window

navigating Motherload app.6

The pop up window allows you to communicate with the shipper to ask questions about the load so you can bid accordingly. You are required to bid “ALL IN” on any load available on Motherload.

navigating Motherload app.7

NOTE: You are prohibited to discuss rates, fees, or any direct communication (email/phone/website/company name). Failure to do so will suspend your account

Bidding & Payments

How Do I Get Paid?

One of the most important things you will need to understand is how you will get paid for your services.

Motherload charges a fee to the shippers to connect to you a legal transporter. 

You will arrange payment for transportation directly with the shipper. Motherload does not take payments on the transporters’ behalf. Only the listing fee and shipping insurance

Accurately Rating a Shipment

Estimating your bid amount should always factor in the below. Your bid is required by our terms of use as “ALL IN”. This means that you must bid accordingly to ensure all your costs and profit are accounted for. If you make an error on your bid, you have the ability to update the bid prior to acceptance. 

Note: You cannot ask for more money after a shipment has been picked up. If there is a discrepancy of what was listed and what is available for pick up, please contact the shipper prior to loading their product.

When calculating your shipment cost, please consider the below as well. Most transporters understand how to properly bid on a load and these questions are merely suggestions:

  • How much fuel will the trip take, including pick-up, drop-off and dead heading?
  • How much does the shipment weigh and size? Larger items will require more fuel to transport.
  • Will you need extra time for loading or unloading? Will you need to hire an extra pair of hands?
  • Will there be any additional charges? You may have tolls along your route or maybe stay overs if your transport is far.
  • What are your operating costs? Most transporters know their fixed costs per mile and include this when rating.


Shipper Disputes

One of the many security features Motherload offers has implemented to create a secure and trustworthy community is our dispute support service. Anyone who’s dissatisfied with their transaction for any reason can use this service to initiate a dispute. 

If you are unhappy with your transaction, please contact the Motherload support staff first. We will do our best to come to a successful resolution. We also request you make yourself available for our staff if questions arise.

Shipper Claim of Damage

Motherload offers shippers the ability to get 3rd party shipping insurance for piece of mind. In the event that a shipper has selected our 3rd party shipping insurance, we ask they file a claim here first so we can review the supporting documents.

If a transporter fails to file a claim with their insurance provider or does not actively help a shipper file a claim for damage or loss, their account will be suspended.

Motherload can also offer the shipper instructions on how to file a claim against a transporters authority/bond.

We are creating a community of respectable shippers and transporters. Any nefarious actions by any party can result in immediate suspension.


Pearls of Knowledge

The benefit of using Motherload

Our team feels that we have created a safe environment for shipping and as you earn shipments, your potential shippers will be able to review your feedback prior to accepting your bid.

With our secure messaging and ability to safely streamline the shipping process, you will see the benefit of directing shippers to our platform versus any other site, your feedback is key to earning more business versus trying to bid low.

Obviously shippers want to save money and transporters want to make a profit. If you can balance your costs vs competitor profits, you will be very successful on Motherload.

Tracking and Shipment Updates

If you have ever ordered something online, you have clicked a tracking link to see where your order is. Same holds true for you updating tracking for your customer the shipper.

Updating a shipper is a daily process you should always adhere to doing. This will affect your feedback if you fail to keep the shipper updated on where they load is.

Our app allows you to either enter an address or drop a pin to show the shipper where their shipment is currently located.

Note: Motherload suggests entering an address located nearby for daily tracking if you have made a stop at your home address.

Can I Contest a Review?

We understand things can go awry and that two parties may not agree on the details that have created a bad review.

If you receive a review that you do not agree upon, please contact us at

We will investigate the situation and obtain both sides of the situation and we could take one of the below actions:

  • Re-post the original review
  • Remove the review completely
  • Modify the review to reflect our decision
Wo can be a Motherload Transporter/Driver?

Motherload as of Aug 1st, will allow all types of transporters access to our freight matching app.

Initially we debated if brokers should be able to transport. We decided after many requests from companies to be part of the Motherload community to open our community to all transporters. Brokers can post loads but they are not able to dictate rates when posting shipments.

Who can be a driver?

Anyone who has access to reliable transportation (personal or company) can enroll as a driver on Motherload. Each account will be vetted and grouped for shippers to know what kind of transporter is bidding on their shipment.

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